SCRIPTS - TV/FILM/WEB/STAGE written and created by Steve Matoren

TV SPECS- Existing Shows


New York State of Mind Season 4 premiere - Hank must deal with the consequences of his actions and the fall-out from his alleged rape.

Entourage Spec
Entourage Spec

Whose team are you on? PT 1 The boys battle over Ari's annual Hollywood wiffle ball game

Entourage Spec
Entourage Spec

Whose team are you on? PT 2 The Fabulous Chase Brothers step up to the plate

larry sanders.jpg
larry sanders.jpg

Not Just the Return of Larry Sanders After years in seclusion, Larry triumphantly returns to late night TV with a new attitude.

Californication                                           Entourage  Pt1 &2                                       The Larry Sanders Show

"New York State of Mind"

"Not Just the Return of Larry Sanders"

"The Fabulous Chase Brothers"

Curb Your Enthusiasm Spin-Off
Curb Your Enthusiasm Spin-Off

Krazee Eyes Killa decides to give up the rap game and focus on his budding acting career Half hour single camera comedy AVAILABLE ON REQUEST


Loosely based upon the lives of a collection of eccentric Chicago ticket scalpers Half hour single camera comedy AVAILABLE ON REQUEST

The Most Eligible Bachelor
The Most Eligible Bachelor

The Most Eligible Bachelor in the World Series idea inspired by Bob Saget and 'The Most Interesting Man in the World' of 'Dos Equios' commercial fame A 50-something year old life-long bachelor best known for starring in a 70's commercial campaign that dubbed him 'the most eligible bachelor in the world' suddenly discovers he has a 30 year old son. Co-created with Stephen Kampmann Written by Steve Matoren AVAILABLE ON REQUEST

TV PILOTS - Original Scripted Comedy Shows

Krazee Eyes Killa'                                    Hustlers                                          

The Most Eligible Bachelor in the World                                         

A life-long 50-something year old bachelor,

who still lives off the celebrity of a 1970's commercial campaign that once dubbed him "TMEBITW," suddenly learns he has a 30-year old son.

An eccentric collection of Chicago based ticket scalpers juggle their personal and professional lives

A "Curb Your Entusiasm" spin-off. Krazee gives up the rap game to focus on acting.

The Zen Masters of Love Present: Comfortable Silence                                         

A strong, sexually confident woman helps woman to not emasculate men, while a couple of damaged men aid other men manage love and women.


Who's the Bride?
Who's the Bride?

Two heterosexual male best friends marry for the benefits, but remain openly straight. *co-written with Jeff Pies before Adam Sandler's "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry' Comedy AVAILABLE ON REQUEST

Waiting on the Moon                                                                

Who's the Bride?                                                                

Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out                                                               

After a random, 5-minute chemistry-charged encounter, a broken man falls in love with a woman and must decide what to do next.


(Listen to the Peter Wolf song of the same name  to understand more)

Two single heterosexual male best friends marry for the benefits and remain openly straight in their new relationship.


(originally co-written with Jeffrey Pies, prior to Adam  Sandler's & Kevin James's

"I Know Pronounce You Chuck & Larry")

The true story of Bruce Springsteen & the legendary E Street Band.

The Exceptional Odyssey of Warren Zevon                                                               

Warren Zevon's feature biopic


WEB Series/Sketches

JerseyWood - "The RoastMaster"
JerseyWood - "The RoastMaster"

A Sopranos impersonator plays every role in a Sopranos parody as the setting shifts from Jersey to Hollywood. The characters are no longer mobsters, instead they've assimilated into the Hollywood culture. Guest starring Jeffrey Ross


A Hollywood Sopranos parody

featuring master impersonator Max Koch                                                                          

I am...

A series of 2-4 minute tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top, scripted self-parodies on a variety of personas such as an 'Actress,' a 'Doorman,' a 'Confident Man' and a 'Screamer.'  




Oy Vey, My Jewish Mother!


One man rants about his Jewish Mother who he constantly hears in his head - It's a running conversation that comes to life in front of a live audience.